Selling Your Home Can Often Be
a Stressful Life Event

I've found the better informed my sellers are, the better the transaction, results, and experience. While selling a house may seem routine, no two transactions are alike as circumstances of all involved are different each time. There are 5 critical "pillars" in the home selling process; consultation, research/analysis, marketing, negotiating, and closing/compliance. Here's a look at how I operate:



Each Seller relationship is unique and in some cases, I may not be able to help the market meet a Seller's expectations. A phone interview about your goals, concerns, timeframes, and perfect world scenarios is the first step.


A great agent will not only review current market data but research market absorption, current supply, determine trends and put it together in an easy to understand format. We provide an exclusive report for each individual home we are invited to sell. Should we be selected to represent you and the sale of your home, we also arrange to view the top 3 competing homes in person before settling on an offer price. In partnering with you, we want to make sure we offer a competitive value to the market to sell your home, not your competition.


It's a whole new world - one of screaming cool technology and a blend of old school strategies to sell your home in the time you wish for a price that is best within the market. If your agent pulls out their phone camera to photo shoot your home, be concerned! Here are some key points we offer:


  • HDR Wide-angle photography from a professional company
  • 3D interior walk-thru with Matterport technology(additional charge)
  • 2 minute video walk-through of your home
  • Full color feature sheet brochures
  • Full syndication of your home through major portals (Zillow, Trulia,, etc)
  • Single property website - a website for your home only, not competing listings
  • Youtube video

....and much more. Of course, we can do all or some. It's your house, you decide.


Each offer comes with a complete breakdown of anticipated expenses and results from our buyer qualifying interview with their lender and the ir agent. We will discuss pros & cons of many sensitive points and timelines in the potential transaction and you will decide. Not every offer is a good deal and we will communicate so.


Negotiating a purchase agreement is not the last hurdle. It's making sure we coordinate the 10 or so people involve in the transaction to keep moving toward our agreed closing time. From closing companies, to appraisers and lenders, to inspectors and the other agent with the buyers, it a daily task to keep things moving along. Our transaction coordination team handles this effortlessly.

There are many moving parts in the sale of a home. There are just as many motivations for selling a home. Flexibility is a critical tenet in helping Sellers achieve their goals. And well educated Seller enables good, timely decisions with confidence. I've been successful in helping more than 1400 people buy or sell their home or condo. I look forward to the next 1400!

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