10 Tips to Stage Your Home and WOW Your Buyers

A great first impression is a key to selling your house or condo. Prospective buyers want to see your home in “showplace” condition. Most buyers select their home based on emotion and then justify the decision with facts, so it’s important to make the house look great. Remember, you have just a few seconds to create a winning first impression. Here are 101 ways to prepare your house for sale to help boost your bottom line and sell your home quickly.

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The Exterior

The first impression people have of your home is what it looks like from the outside. Believe it or not, some buyers make a decision to keep on driving to the next property just by looking at the outside of the house. Here are some tips to make them want to come inside.

Create curb appeal

Spruce up the lawn by cutting, trimming, weeding and removing all yard clutter. A great-looking lawn makes a great first impression.

Make your porch welcoming

Buy a new welcome mat. Place potted flowers near the front door.

Spruce up outdoor areas

Plant some bright flowers in places that could use some brightening.

Cleaning & Repairs

Finish repair projects

Repair all plumbing leaks, including faucets and drain traps. Make minor repairs (torn screens, sticking doors, cracked caulking).

Clear out the clutter

Go through your home room by room and pack up 30% of your stuff. You want it as clutter free as possible. Pack everything from all closets that you don’t need. You want to create the perception of roominess.

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Tighten and clean all door handles. Clean windows inside and out – make them sparkle. Clean all light fixtures and ceiling fans.

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Interior Decor

The way you live in a home and the way you sell a home are two different things. Once your home is on the market it’s in competition with other properties – it needs to always look like a model home. Even if you aren’t Mr. or Ms. Perfect, your home needs to look like you are. Here are tips on keeping the inside of your home looking its best.

Depersonalize your decor

Remove any family photos you have displayed. Too much of your personality in evidence does not allow for the potential buyer to “mentally" move in.

Create balance with furniture

Evaluate the furniture in each room and remove anything that interrupts "the flow" or makes the room appear smaller. Consider renting a storage unit to move items off-site.

The Final Details

Increase your lighting

Brighter is better. Upgrade all your light bulbs to at least 100 watts to make your house appear bigger more inviting.

Bring the outdoors inside

During the day, have all your curtains and blinds open. If the day is cloudy, turn on all lights as well.

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