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10 Things To Look for When Renting a House

It’s natural to have the fear of losing the space to another renter, so we all have the urgency to put down a holding deposit. However, it’s best to wait, evaluate the property thoroughly, and see if there are better options available.

This guide will help you make careful assessments. But if you don’t have the time to do it on your own, don’t worry because Team Kuptz is here to help you.


1. Location

Perhaps you’ve already found your ideal home in terms of size and layout. But the question is, is it accessible? Even if you are driving your own car, a home that is easily accessible to other establishments like healthcare facilities, grocery stores, and schools must be considered. Your workplace should be in close proximity, too.

You must also see if it is safe overall. Look at the crime rates and observe the community at night. This is how you can get the real picture of how safe the area is.


2. Price

It’s easy to set a budget for the rent alone. However, consider other expenses for after you’re already moved in.

For example, try to understand the average energy cost. Are you allowed to use gas grills or cookers? What type of heating will you require?

These things can all add up unexpectedly to your monthly expenditures so it’s best to shop for a few spaces and see which one will require less expenses. Likewise, don’t forget about additional charges before moving in.

inspecting property

3. Condition of the Property

When evaluating a property, we recommend looking at it as if you are living there all year.

Let’s assume you are looking at a house during the summer. Imagine living in that same house in the winter. Will it give you comfort? Is the condition of the property ideal for all seasons?

You must also have an eye for detail and check every nook and cranny. Look for damage to the walls, carpets, or ceilings. Are the plumbing and electrical systems working properly?

Be meticulous because these issues must be raised with the landlord before the house is turned over to you.

talking to realtor

4. Reason Why The Last Tenant Left

It’s also good to know the real reason why the last tenant left the house. If they have lived on the property for years and left because they bought a home for themselves, that’s a good indicator that the property is worth it.

On the other hand, having short-term tenants for reasons undisclosed can be quite sketchy. Most likely, the property is unsuitable for living, or there are problems with the landlord or owner.

painting wall

5. Changes You Can Make To The Property

This all boils down to personal preferences. If you are someone who loves to work on DIY projects, looking for a house that offers flexibility might be good for you.

As a rule of thumb, make sure to read the agreement and understand the restrictions when it comes to repairs and home improvements.

fire detector

6. Safety Equipment

When renting a home, you should be confident that all the safety equipment is functioning properly. Look to see if any smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are installed. You should also check if they have an available fire extinguisher.

pest control

7. Pests

No one wants to live in a pest-infested home. One of the best ways to check if there are pests on the property is to look on top of the cabinets. If you see feces, then you have your clear answer.

We also recommend requesting a copy of the most recent pest control treatments performed in the house so you know it has been properly cared for.

Most of the time, this information is requested by a realtor like Team Kuptz, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

using cell phone

8. Internet and Cellphone Reception

Unless you want to live off-grid and don't want to know what’s happening in the world, internet and cellphone reception are a must.

It’s also for safety purposes in case there’s an emergency. Additionally, there are many people who are already working from home, and staying connected is already a requirement.

dog on bed

9. Pet-Friendly

If you are a fur parent, you should look for a property that will allow you to have pets. This should be clear in your lease agreement.

Look at the surroundings to see if it’s also a good place to take care of your pets. Is there a fence in the backyard or room for them to run? Are the neighbors okay with you having pets around?

talking to landlord

10. The Landlord

Lastly, you have to gauge if your landlord is someone you can easily get along with. A good relationship with your landlord is key to peaceful living.

It doesn’t matter if you have the best property in an ideal location. If your landlord is highly annoying, it’s not worth it.

Save time, energy, and effort with the help of a good realtor. Just know your preferences and leave everything to the experts.

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